Island Scan Locations
Pokemon Type Level Location Day of Week
Cyndaquil 12 Melemele Island Sunday
Totodile 12 Melemele Island Monday
Deino 13 Melemele Island Tuesday
Horsea 18 Melemele Island Wednesday
Klink 8 Melemele Island Thursday
Chikorita 10 Melemele Island Friday
Litwick 10 Melemele Island Saturday
Gothita 17 Akala Island Sunday
Spheal 19 Akala Island Monday
Luxio 20 Akala Island Tuesday
Honedge 23 Akala Island Wednesday
Venipede 14 Akala Island Thursday
Bellsprout 16 Akala Island Friday
Marill 17 Akala Island Saturday
Rhyhorn 30 Ula’Ula Island Sunday
Swinub 31 Ula’ula Island Monday
Duosion 33 Ula’ula Island Tuesday
Roselia 34 Ula’ula Island Wednesday
Staravia 27 Ula’ula Island Thursday
Vigoroth 27 Ula’ula Island Friday
Axew 28 Ula’ula Island Saturday
Eelektross 55 Poni Island Sunday
Conkeldurr 57 Poni Island Monday
Togekiss 59 Poni Island Tuesday
Leavanny 57 Poni Island Wednesday
Serperior 43 Poni Island Thursday
Samurott 43 Poni Island Friday
Emboar 43 Poni Island Saturday



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