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7G Seek The best of them all. A Crabrawler
Dec 07, 2021    10:52 PM

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The best of them all. A Crabrawler
Hello. I am new here, I am new to Gen 7 overall, but I enjoy breeding for shiny Pokemon.. I personally like making my favorites powerful. One thing that attracts me to Crabominal and Crabrawler is how much people hate them... This is what I ask

Pokemon Received: ?
Pokemon requested: Crabrawler (or Crabominal)
PokeBall: Moon Ball (main reason I am here)
Shiny: Optional
Nature: Brave (optional: but the nature I would like
Held Item: Doesn't matter (Everstone or Destiny Knot is still needed)
Ability: NOT Hidden (Hyper Cutter)

Moves: Doesn't matter (Endeavor sounds nice)

This doesn't have to be hacked. But usually Apricot Ball[/size] pokemon are.

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