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It's been about a year, I think. Maybe more?
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It's been about a year, I think. Maybe more?
Hello again.

I got back on early last year, for Sword and Shield. Put hundreds of hours into it, then my Switch died on me, and I had to move on. I've since gotten a new Switch, and have thought about this place again. So here I am.

Though, right now I am not super active in Pokemon Sword. What brought me back? I've started a few Nuzlocks in the past(But never completed them for one reason or another), and am considering going off the deep and was wondering if anyone here would have any interest.

I am thinking about doing a Nuzlock for every main line game, from OG Gen 1 afterward, this means every game in the Gen that released in the US, meaning all the games minus Green. So, Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. Let me know if anyone wants to see that.

Also, if we trade and you were pleased with it, please send me some tender-loving rep.

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