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8G Seek Lf Shiny Celebi and Zarude codes
Aug 07, 2020    10:10 PM
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Lf Shiny Celebi and Zarude codes
o seeking as many as possible from those who purchased tickets. each ticket has a code for celebi and zarude. seeking both codes from each ticket.
6-7 vrto per ticket
8-9 rtos per ticket
10-11 unproofed per ticket.

special offers
World's Champion Pokes Bundle: World's 19 Aerodactyl, Paul Ruiz Gastrodon, Ryota Otsubos Krookodile, Ryotas Golduck, World's 17 Exeggutor, NA Champs17 Arcanine, & Pokémon Japan Championships 2019 Distribution - Hirofu Kimura's Nidoqueen for one ticket.

pgl munna lang set for 1 ticket

Japanese or Korean Evil Bosses Distribution Pokemon Nidoking, Cofagrigus, Mienshao, Crobat, Mighteyena, & Honchkrow for 1 ticket

shiny legend necrozma and the 7-11 shiny lunala and solgaleo for 1 ticket.

some langs are restricted as nft or for other lang so those marked cannot be offered for codes.

trading gen 6 and 7 events in their respective gens. don't have gen 8 cause i don't want that garbage

fc 5129-7396-5093 Kevin (UM), Anne (US)

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