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Let's Go Shiny for Shiny?
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Shiny for Shiny?
I have a few shinies I am willing to trade for other shinies.
I also have Pokemon Home, if it makes it easier to trade there.
I was shiny hunting, but now it's starting to drag & I want to start Pokemon Sword.

These are the ones I have:
Pidgeotto - Adam
Magikarp - Hardy
Weepingbell - Modest
Pidgey - Adam
Bulbasaur - Adam
Pidgey - Lonely
Goldbat - Adam
Bellsprout - Careful
Krabby - Adam
Rhyhorn - Adam (6X)
Chansey - Adam
Electabuzz - Modest

I am looking for:
Onix - Adam
Seel - Mild
Vulpix - Modest
Dratini - Adam
Horsea - Modest
Farfetch'd - Adam
Slowpoke - Modest
Venonat - Modest
Pidgey - Modest
Eevee - Modest/Mild/
Mr. Mime - Modest
Electrabuzz - Adam
Staryu - Modest
Drowzee - Calm
Grimer/Alonan - Adam
Paris - Brave
Exeggcute - Modest
Meowth - Mild
Aerodactly - Adam
Lapras - Modest
Magmar - Modest
Poliwag - Adam

I don't care about IVS or gender, just want a shiny with a good nature.
I also have the regular legends from the game, I would trade for a shiny I want.
I'm open to anything, so just hit me up.

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