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Request Anyone out there still doing signature requests?
Nov 27, 2019    4:38 PM
Hello, I'm: AWESOME

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Anyone out there still doing signature requests?
My old signature URL was broken when I came back a few weeks ago, so I decided to get a new one. Art has never been in my wheelhouse, but I still like to have one in my signature.

If you can make one, I would love to see your attempts. Details are below:

So, I am looking for a Signature for this site, so it needs to be 700 x 200, as per forum rules.

I would like for the theme to use Shiny Charizard, Hydriegon, and Shiny Umbreon.

I would like to keep the colors in the darker wheelhouse, as I think those would compliment the chosen Pokemon. So, black, dark blue, purple, dark or forest green, etc.

Use the name Random(aligned left in the bottom corner) and my Switch FC: SW-4574-7331-0719 (aligned right in the bottom corner).

I'm also fine if you want put a your name in the signature. I have a terrible memory and could easily forget who made it, if asked. If you do put your name, put it on the bottom, in the center, between my name and my FC.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Also, if we trade and you were pleased with it, please send me some tender-loving rep.

Signature was old. Need to update...

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