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7G Seek Lf Reserves of Tapu Fini codes Ft Proofed events
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Lf Reserves of Tapu Fini codes Ft Proofed events
anything marked NFT or other lang i can't trade for codes. looking to reserve codes from people who participated in this may's competition. event list in sig. many proofed events from gen 6 and 7. rare stuff too.

special offers for codes

kor and spa pcjs2019 nidoqueen for 1 code
korean lugia and zeraora for 1 code
pci set for 1 code. i have eng,jpn,kor and spa sets that i can trade freely
may distro tapu fini lang set 2 per code
eng,jpn,spa,ger jpn championship tapu fini 2 per code
fre suwoong cheong metagross for 1 code
2 of any lang of world 18 meloetta per code
2 of any lang of 2018 tanabata jirachi per code
kor korean charizard for 1 code
chs korean turtonator for 1 code
eng,spa,kor,ger or jpn korean silvally for 1 code
chs,cht,eng or fre worlds exeggutor for 1 code
chs,eng or fre na champs arcanine for 1 code
eng tsv proofed shiny easter pasimian for 1 code
ita tsv proofed shiny easter mareanie for 1 code

anyone worried about not having a tapu fini cause of trading their code i will throw in one of the tapu finis on my list as a bonus to those trading codes for one of my specials. that way you will have the event.


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