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Pokemon Go: Giratina Altered Forme Now Available, Origin Forme Debuting Next Week!
Mar 30, 2019    7:40 PM
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Pokemon Go: Giratina Altered Forme Now Available, Origin Forme Debuting Next Week!

Update: The Legendary Giratina has returned to Pokemon Go. From now until April 2, you'll have another chance to capture the Renegade Pokemon in its Altered Forme. Then, beginning at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on April 2, the Legendary monster will appear in its Origin Forme until it leaves Raid Battles on April 29. The original story follows.

If you missed out on your previous chance to catch Giratina in Pokemon Go, you're in luck. The first Gen 4 Legendary to debut in Go will make an encore appearance in the hit mobile game later this week. The Renegade Pokemon will return to Raid Battles for another month beginning March 28, and this time around it'll appear in a different form.

From March 28 to April 2, players will have another opportunity to capture Giratina in its Altered Forme (pictured below). After that, the Legendary Pokemon will transform into its Origin Forme--the serpent-like appearance it takes in Pokemon Platinum--until it leaves Raid Battles on April 29.

[Image: 3513768-3935792599-girat.jpg]

Regardless of what form it takes, Giratina is a dual Ghost/Dragon Pokemon, so the same strategies you used to battle it when it first appeared during last year's Halloween event will apply. What's unique about this combination is that both Ghost and Dragon are susceptible to their own types, so Pokemon like Salamence, Rayquaza, and Gengar will prove to be effective against Giratina. Dark-types such as Tyranitar and Houndoom will also have an edge over it.

In the meantime, you still have one more day to capture Pokemon Go's current Legendary, Dialga. The Temporal Pokemon will only appear in Raid Battles until March 28, meaning this is your last opportunity to add it to your collection before it leaves the game. Dialga is a dual Dragon/Steel-type, making it weak to Fighting and Ground Pokemon like Machamp and Groudon.

There's quite a lot happening in the game recently. Aside from Giratina's return, there is also a new Limited Research event focusing on Lotad. On March 30, you'll also have a better chance to catch Pokemon that are affected by weather conditions, such as Castform.

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