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7G Seek A Few Event Pokemon
Jun 10, 2018    8:31 AM
Shade Aurion
of DudeGoBack

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A Few Event Pokemon
I'm seeking a few event only legendaries.
- Hoopa x2
- Shaymin x2
- Manaphy x2
- Diancie x2
- Pokeball Variant Magearna
- Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Partner Cap Pikachu

The reason I need 2 of each of a few is for my partner who missed a few generations of Pokemon games. The others are for me so I can complete a collection of every pokemon evolutionary, regional and alternate form. I don't mind if they're cloned, hacked or generated, just so long as they can be put in and taken out of pokebank.

I have various back up legendaries and can breed anything breedable <3

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