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7G Seek EV training items
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Eriss Black

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EV training items
Hi everyone,
I'm in need of EV items. Particularly looking for 1 powerbracer, 2 powerbelts, 2 Power lens, and 1 powerband. but ulimtately I would like 5 of each item not just the ones that i've mentioned. I need these items in my moon version. I have the following for trade:

Mostly egg moves mon, some with HA, some without, IVs are random. some may have more than 2ivs.

[Image: Sandyghast%20Beastball_zpsowjrluj6.png]
[Image: Stufful_zpsksqzis6e.png]
[Image: Sandyghast%20Pokeball_zpsrwrfyu7k.png]
[Image: Pyukumuku_zpsan0wfnxc.png]
[Image: Popplio_zpswyqii43x.png]
[Image: Bounsweet_zpswrv8ejas.png]
[Image: Pikipek_zpsepzskpjd.png]
[Image: Jangmo-o_zpsmiozclz3.png]
[Image: Grubbin_zpsdn3ra3oc.png]
[Image: Geodude%20A_zpsywnqmmio.png]

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