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6G Wi-Fi Mega Sceptile/Electivire Doubles
Edited: Oct 26, 2016   /   Oct 26, 2016    5:08 PM

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Mega Sceptile/Electivire Doubles
I'm thinking about building a team for doubles around Mega Sceptile and Electivire. I want to take advantage of M. Sceptile's Lightning Rod. I learned discharge was a useful move that affected the whole field, so I thought if Electivire had Discharge, each time I used it it would boost M. Sceptile's SpA. If someone could come up with a set for these two, and perhaps 4 others to go on a team with them, that would be amazing! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!

By the way, Electivire can be switched to another Pokémon that can learn Discharge.

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