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6G Wi-Fi Gym Fierce Potential Gym
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GTS Normal Gym Leader

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Fierce Potential Gym
Let's see what you can do!

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=Welcome to the Fierce Potential Gym!=
GTS Normal Type Gym

Welcome! This is's Normal type Gym, and I'm the Gym Leader: Legend. If you think you can prove your potential, challenge my Gym and win the badge to prove it!

Gym Status: Open

Open: Available to battle and accepting challenges
Busy: Available to battle those on the waiting list, but too occupied to accept more challenges
Away: On vacation, going to event, ect. Basically not available currently due to being busy IRL, but I will be able as soon as I return, so you can challenge during this status but it wont be accepted until I return; which I'll post a date for
Absent: I'm gone for an unknown amount of time and/or once I return I will be busy for an unknown amount of time, so no challenging at this point. If I go Away I can have a rough idea when I'm back so I can guarantee I have time and you know roughly when I can get back to you. But if I'm gone/busy for who knows how long I may not get back in reasonable time for you, so no battles, challenging, anything during this state. Very unlikely, I'm good at squeezing in free time, but all the same.

My Info:
Battle me with my 3DS FC: 2079-6486-2028
Timezone: Central


This is an official 6th Gen Wi-Fi Gym, we will be using Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in order to make full use of all new features not present in X or Y

- We will be preforming OU tier Single battles, meaning no Uber tier Pokemon, but anything OU or lower in usage is allowed (This applies to all banned Pokemon, Abilities, and Mega Stones). You can find the tier listings here
-As per my Gym Leader type I will use a team consisting of at least 3 Normal type Pokemon, the rest being wild card Pokemon of my choice

- We will be using normal level set rules, i.e all Pokemon will be set to Level 50
- You may have no more than 3 Fighting type damaging moves per team; non damaging moves do not count towards this
- You may have no more than 2 Fighting type party members per team (Typing after Mega Evolution)
- No mono teaming (No teams may have more than 2 of the same type Pokemon, ex: no more than 2 Steel types)
- No Illegal hacks (Any hacked Pokemon that has a unobtainable movepool, ability, or stats)
-This is a Clear Skies gym, all weather effects whether activated by any move or ability are disallowed, be careful bringing Pokemon who have weather abilities as their default ability and make sure they have a different one

- In the case of a disconnect I will decide the winner fairly based on how the battle was progressing

- If you get my badge please don't try and battle me again through this gym

- If you lose please wait 2 days to re-challenge

-Please don't directly PM me after posting a challenge, I will PM you if required to coordinate and decide our battle time

Battling Clauses
- Species Clause
- Sleep Clause
- OHKO Move Clause
- Evasion Clause
- Endless Battle Clause
- Baton Pass Clause

~A quick explanation of battling clauses can be found here

Banned Pokemon

Banned Items/Moves
Mega Stones:
Regular Items:
-Quick Claw
-Bright Powder

For those new to Gym Battles: I know these seem like a lot of rules and clauses, but it's basically competitive battling with a little bit of a type restriction, and you can easily search these up to see what they mean if your really not sure. If you need a quick briefing on competitive battling and don't know what Pokemon fall into what tier, click on the link in the second rule about the tier listing; and you can look under the clauses section for a link to an explanation of those clauses. Don't let these rules scare you! They're not too hard to follow if you want to challenge, and you can trust as leader I will be following all of them too!

- Anyone who breaks these rules is subject to disqualification or banning from the gym, I reserve the right to not accept challenges or ban whomever disregards these

Challenge Form:
In Game Name/Friend Code:
Your Time Zone:
Preferred time/date of battle:

~When you challenge you may post preferred time/date of battle in your time zone or mine, but please be clear which one your stating to avoid confusion

Wins: Losses:

The Powerful: (Winners)

The Untrained: (Losers)

Waiting List:

The Impotent: (The Banned)

(20:40:29) +Avia: Legend
(20:40:38) +Avia: Please refer TPM as the "Nose Picker", thanks

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