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Official Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
May 16, 2016    1:22 PM
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Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
For the past few leagues we have used VGC rules which are the official format for pokemon competitions. VGC 2016 rules are very different than they have been in previous years and some members have expressed their distaste of the new format.

We would like to open up a discussion with the community of the battle format for the upcoming leagues this summer. We could use VGC 2016 rules or a tier-based singles OU ruleset. We are also open to other organized battle formats if enough members are familiar with it.

Discuss what battle format you would like to see in the upcoming leagues: VGC 2016, singles OU, or another organized format.

Flaming and instigating will not be allowed. Be respectful of other members' preferences and opinions.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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May 16, 2016    1:43 PM
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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
I find that alot of complaints for VGC 2016 stem from people using the same pokemon (Big 6), but as the year is progressing I see that people are trying new things, and the Big 6 are starting to die out. I don't really care (I would not go as far as saying that I hate it) for VGC 2016 as much as I have for previous years, but I do enjoy it alot more than OU, since I dislike single battles all together. We could try having 2, an OU league and a VGC 2016 league,(provided there is enough participation and time) I would be really sad if there was no VGC league here this year.

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May 16, 2016    1:52 PM
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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
I'm quite glad this has been brought to attention. While VGC was fun and all for those of us that were new to it, I was stunned to find out what the new format allowed. Primals + one Mega? Ubers everywhere? I sense more weather spam (even though I'm guilty of weather spam lol).

While I'm not exactly one that keeps super close tabs on the VGC scene, after talking to a few members that play VGC here as well as scouring the internet for opinions, there is most definitely a distaste for the new format, and I personally can't blame them for feeling so. On one hand it allows players to use their favorite Pokemon that would normally be banned in official Nintendo competitions. On the other hand, you get a messy metagame.

We also only have two players on these forums that I can think of that actually play and attend VGC competitions (Zangoose and Stormfront), for everyone else it's pretty much foreign territory (I can't speak for CoolPikachu or Griver, both of them have poured tons of effort into learning a new metagame and expressed great interest in the scene, however I'm not sure how much they've kept up with it as members have been getting busy these past months). I feel that Singles OU is familiar ground for our members, and often when I look at newbies posting RMTs here and looking to get into a competitive scene, most of them are making teams for Singles OU if it's not in-game.

With the new Sun/Moon event that's coming up, we have a new event called Battling Apprentices. In this event, veteran players train newbies in the ways of competitive battling, in the end all the newbies are pitted against each other in a mini-tournament to see the outcome. All participants gain points, however this event is mainly for learning the ways of battling. With most of our members familiarized with Singles OU, we would be of much greater assistance in teaching Singles OU than we would VGC 2016.

Tldr; I'm all for Singles OU, it's the format that most players are familiar with and seems to be most favored.

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May 16, 2016    2:10 PM
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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
I for one am for having a Singles OU league, think most people would feel more comfortable jumping into the league if it was Singles OU over it being VGC16 with Ubers and everything else under the sun running rampant. I agree with TPN and most of the points he made, so Singles OU > VGC16.

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May 16, 2016    2:56 PM

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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
I was at the National VGC here and I didnt run big 6, mine was unorthadox and seemed to work well although I really do think that there should not be allowed a primal and a mega, it makes the play way too narrow, not letting people broaden their pokemon and makes it repetitive, which i find boring. Still 72/350 isnt bad for a first competition :P

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May 16, 2016    3:25 PM
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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
I don't like OU, but I don't like the look of VGC 16 either. I think it would be dominated by a few top players here, and leave some others out. I vote for OU, unless UU is an option, but that probably wouldn't appeal to the masses.

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May 16, 2016    3:25 PM
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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
Seems like singles OU > VGC16.

The main reason is that since big legendaries are allowed only people who SR'ed for favorable nature/ideal IVs will have a huge advantage over those who don't SR.

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RE: Battle Format for Upcoming Leagues
The way I see it, Singles OU is a much more popular format that everyone is familiar with and can pick up relatively easily (after all the games condition you on single battles from day one). Meanwhile VGC adds a learning curve into the mix and has a relatively smaller community. Not everyone is going to want to put in the time or effort to learn a new style of battling. This results in there being unevenly represented teams, - with some getting the few great VGC players and everyone else having to do without - commitment issues, and a general "closed off club" feeling for anyone alienated by the prospect of having to learn double battles.

As for comments in general on the VGC format; I don't think VGC 16 is all that bad. To be fair I haven't played it at all and quite frankly don't even know the tier list. However this wouldn't be the first time ubers were allowed in VGC (VGC 10) nor would it be the first time a super narrow field of candidates dominated the competition (VGC 11, 13, and 14 if I recall correctly). Although I do agree that more diversity in your matchups is almost always better, and tiers should be updated a lot more often than they are in VGC to keep things from getting too stale/unbalanced.

I also wouldn't be against the idea of having both a VGC and an OU singles league running concurrently in the future, but as for the here and now I don't think that would be a good idea. The GTS' competitive battling scene isn't what it used to be. Nowadays our system is more fragile since there are fewer active battlers on PO and the site in general. What we need right now is a system that anyone can pick up with a minimal learning curve, attracts plenty of new users, and has a consistent/unified platform to run the leagues off of. Plus the system in question should be flexible enough that the users can change tiers and/or general rules if a particular section of the format is unbalanced. For that reason and others, I give my recommendation to make the upcoming leagues exclusively Singles format in the OU tier.

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