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Looking for specific energies!
Edited: Aug 04, 2015   /   Aug 04, 2015    2:44 PM
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Looking for specific energies!
So, I figured I'd ask on here cause why not.

I'm getting back into the Pokemon TCG and would really love some basic Metal Energies.

Specifically, in order of preference:

-Crosshatched (Play! Pokemon Player Rewards) with HGSS art
-Call of Legends
-Crosshatched (Play! Pokemon Player Rewards) with DPPt art
-Crosshatched (Play! Pokemon Player Rewards) with BW art

I'd like to have 10, all matching, if at all possible. I don't have much in the way of trades, but I do have a bunch of legendaries (in my trade thread under my sig) or I could just pay with paypal, either or.

EDIT: I actually managed to pick up a pair of Crosshatched HGSS ones cause Trollandtoad didn't update their pricing (they certainly aren't worth only $1.50 each). So I'd only need 8 of those and not a full 10 :)

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