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Competitive team suggestions
Jun 12, 2015    4:29 AM

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Competitive team suggestions
pre: mods feel free to move the post if it's on the wrong place cause i'm not sure this is...

Hello everybody!! I bred pokemon "for fun" for years but when it comes to battling i never did really good online.... now I've figured out it's time to improve!

so I'd like to have some suggestions about the team I'm building for single battles. So first here's the pokes I've bred for it:
(most come from smogon)

focus band, jolly, technician EV: mainly HP and Spe
bullet seed
mach punch
rock tomb
(used mainly to sleep walls and slowly take them down, i usually start with him)

leftovers, bold, magic guard EV: mainly HP and DEF
calm mind
shadow ball
(actually bulkier than i expected, used to stall poisoned/burned pokes and sweeping)

choice band, adamant, huge power EV: 172 HP252 Atk84 Spe (smogon)
play rough
aqua jet

-Sableye (aka kangaskhan buster)
sablenite, careful, prankster EV: mainly HP than Def and SpD
knock off
toxic (damned charizards)
(alternate entry when i think starting with breloom is not wise, was thinking to switch megastone for something else because i end up never megaevolving it)

I'd like to know what you think and which pokemon would you add... i was thinking of kangaskhan because, well.... you know...
I've got a lot of pokes already bred and i don't mind breeding new ones...

thanks in advance

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RE: Competitive team suggestions
Hello friend! A few things right off the bat. It would be good to know your EV spreads so that I can be as accurate as possible. Also, are you going to be battling in Smogon singles? If so then Kangaskhan is out. If not, then maybe she's usable but Smogon singles bans her mega stone so she's pretty useless. Now on to the pokemon that you have:

Breloom. In my opinion Breloom isn't fast enough to be a very effective lead. I see you're using him as a suicide lead but he's a very powerful and versatile pokemon that shouldn't be sacked right off. (Also, if you are going to keep him there, use Focus Sash instead of Focus Band). Maybe save him for later in the match when other grass types have been dealt with since they'll be immune to his Spore. And I would invest in Attack instead of HP. HP isn't going to net you anything significant since his defenses are low and you're rolling Focus Sash. Make him as powerful as you can and max his Attack. The moveset is obviously solid.

Reuniclus. This guy seems very solid though I would choose Psyshock over Psychic so that you can threaten special walls that may be switched in as a counter. There is an opportunity here to run Trick Room since most of your team is quite slow but that's up to you. That's all I've got there.

Azumarill. Yours is standard and can be a serious threat to weakened pokemon with Aqua Jet. However, Azumarill will become even more potent under Trick Room with its abysmal speed stat. Just saying.

Sableye. if you don't mega evolve him then take the stone off. He will benefit from some Leftovers much more. If you like Toxic over a second attacking move then that's fine. However, Substitute, Taunt, or Confuse Ray (my personal favorite) can come in very handy with Prankster.

Now for some suggestions for your last two spots:

Heatran. based on what you've got here already I would suggest a specially defensive Heatran. Can take the fire and ice attacks aimed at Breloom as well as check most of the counters to Azumarill. It can also help counter those pesky Charizard. Here's the Heatran that I use:

Heatran @ Leftovers / Air Balloon
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 244 HP, 132 Def, 132 SpD
Nature: Calm (+SpD, -Atk)
- Ancientpower
- Earth Power
- Protect
- Lava Plume

This Heatran actually started out as a Tormentran but evolved as my needs and playstyle dictated. Ancientpower may seem like a strange move to use but its on there simply for mega Charizard-Y and no one ever expects it. Protect can net you some extra Leftovers recovery. Earth Power will hurt opposing steals and not-flying fire types, and Lava Plume will hurt most switch ins as well as having a 30% chance to burn. The EV spread is a bit odd but its very bulky and can take a lot of punishment before it goes down. It does lack any real speed which is its main problem but, again, there's always Trick Room.

Zapdos. Since you aren't running any hazards then a Defog user is something your team can benefit from. Enter Zapdos. Zapdos is very bulky which is quite a surprise for most people. Also it is immune to ground which is a massive help for Heatran.

Zapdos @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP, 168 Def, 88 SpA
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
- Defog
- Heat Wave / Hidden Power Ice
- Thunderbolt
- Roost

This Zapdos can take physical hits like a boss! The Special Attack EVs make it so that Zaodos can do at least moderate damage. Thunderbolt is STAB, Roost for recovery, and Heat Wave is for coverage although with Heatran on the team it can be swapped for HP Ice which can be helpful against the multitude of pesky Dragons out there. It really is a very good wall and with its Pressure ability can help to stall out other walls that don't run Toxic.

Honorable Mention: Clefable. Clefable is, by far, my favorite competitive pokemon. It is a tank and a beast all in one. Unaware makes opposing set-up obsolete and lets it set itself up for a sweep. I've had Clefable net me more victories than any other single pokemon. It doesn't gel perfectly with your team but it doesn't hurt it either.

Clefable @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Nature: Bold (+Def, -Atk)
- Aromatherapy
- Cosmic Power
- Stored Power / Moonblast
- Moonlight

What a monster! Again, Unaware ignores all opponent set-up. Cosmic Power raises both Defense and Special Defense by one stage. Aromatherapy cures all status from your whole team which is very helpful when facing stall teams. Moonlight is for recovery though it can be a bit unreliable in the weather. But Stored Power.... oh man! Stored Power is calculated like this: 20 × NumIncreases + 20. So if you get Clefable to +6 in Defense and Special Defense (which I have many times) then Stored Power's base power is 260. 260!! It devastates things that resist it. It does have one drawback though: dark types. Any dark type will completely wall this set so its best to deal with them before setting him up. Moonblast could also be used as it is not completely walled by any type but the power drop is substantial.

So there you go. That would be my suggestion for your team. It looks good. Not too many overlapping weaknesses (which I tried to stick to with my suggestions) which is very good and the pokemon you've picked seem to cover each other fairly well. I hope I've helped and good luck with your team.

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Jun 13, 2015    6:14 AM

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RE: Competitive team suggestions
well first of all thanks a lot vfor the very thorough and helpful reply that already got you some reputation. I really appreciate the time you dedicated to me :) thank you.

Now for the answer..

I wasn't going to battle in Smogon as I'm not really sure how that works.. but after some battling on the rated wi-fi battles (where I intended to battle) I guess I'm starting to consider the idea to join an external tournament with some regulations, as I don't really like to battle against 6 shiny legendaries -.-

So now I'm considering preparing to join a smogon tournament...

Regards breloom suggestions:
I completely agree... after some battling I was thinking the same things....

Regards Reuniclus:
I will give psycoshock a try.. I thought 10% chance to lower SpD was cool but it never procc'd sooo :) also I was thinking of a replacement item since I'll be giving leftovers to sableye... do you think life orb would be nice? that's also because I'm taking calm mind away for trick room and replacing shadow ball with focus blast. so final pool will be:
-focus blast
-trick room

Regards sableye:
As i said I'm gonna give him Leftovers as I ended up never megaevolving him -.-
Also i thought Toxic would be nice to counter fire pokemons like charizard but still they can pretty much one shot him... so I'm guessing taunt could be a nice replacement...

well what's there to say... MVP so far

since he's banned i guess there's no point discussing it then.

regards heathran and zapdos:
i really hate the idea of using legendaries because I'd have to hack their IVS and I really don't like to hack my pokes (apart for my 25 6iv shiny dittos =/)
do you think it's really necessary to use them in competitive battling?
I can see the benefits obviously but still I'd like to try another way first =/

that clefable looks very appetizing but since I already have a fairy I'd rather not double it.. I'll probably breed one and give it a try anyway...

what do you think of a talonflame? sharp beak, jolly, gale wings EV: ATT + SPEED classic brave bird, fire blitz, roost, swords dance??

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Edited: Jun 13, 2015   /   Jun 13, 2015    7:08 AM
Team Plasma N
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RE: Competitive team suggestions
In regards to your concern of requiring to hack your legends' IVs, you don't. You can always soft reset for ones close enough to perfect spreads, or RNG for them in another game, nothing is prohibiting past Gen Pokemon from standard competitive battles. But even I'm not crazy enough to go for a flawless spread on a KB/HB legend, and I'm usually highly picky about my IVs. If you can't obtain them on your own, then you can always ask for a trade.

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Jun 13, 2015    11:42 AM

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RE: Competitive team suggestions
I'm very glad I could help even a little bit. If you're worried about hacked legends I completely understand. I do have a Heatran and a Zapdos that I RNGed in Platinum. I could get them cloned for you (if you don't mind clones that is). They aren't flawless but they're very good (and shiny!). I haven't SRed for any competitive legends in ORAS yet because I'm SRing just for shiny legends right now. As for if you need them, they really are very good pokemon and they do fill roles on the team. Heatran blocks any fire move and ice does 25% damage so that helps your team a bit. It also checks fire types very well (like Charizard). Zapdos gives you some serious defense and a ground immunity. You could use Rotom-W but then you have a second grass weakness (though Heatran would laugh that off too).

I like the new Reuniclus set. It looks good and I really think you're going to like Trick Room. Life Orb could work but since Reuniclus is your only TR setter you'll want to keep it alive as long as possible. Maybe Shell Bell as it's item? That coupled with Recover should increase its staying power.

Taunt is very good on Sableye though, like I said, never underestimate a good Confuse Ray!

Talonflame could work well for you. That would give you a sort-of fire counter as well as a ground immunity. Though people are getting wise to Talonflame and he is becoming easier to counter. I've found that Ferrothorn is a fantastic Talonflame counter that most people don't expect. But that's beside the point. Tailwind could be an option as well if Reuniclus goes down.

Whatever team you go with you'll have to see how it works together in battle and I'm sure that you'll find the guys to fit. If you ever want to do some test battles once you get your team set up just let me know.

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