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Trading Card Game Software
Nov 22, 2014    10:44 PM

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Trading Card Game Software
I'm sure someone has had to mention the PC software at some point, but I wanted to post anyway.

How many people play Pokemon TCG on either the PC or an iPad?

I know I play on my PC, and would play on my iPad except mine apparently does not have the retina thing it requires. I'm really sad about the iPad not being the right one to play it, but at least I can play on the PC.

Right now I'm just getting started, and I'm playing with a few decks I purchased in-stores. I think my favorite is the ColdFire? deck. I don't pay attention to the names very well, obviously. It's a Black/White deck with Black Kyurem. I'm sure that's probably enough to tell which deck name it should be, but I'm not a very big fan of Black/White beyond Kyurem in the sequels so I'm afraid I don't remember the dragons much.

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