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What Now?
Sep 22, 2014    10:04 PM

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What Now?
This is not easy to ask and say but I do need help on this. Ages ago before Black and White were a thing I was taught Competitive Battling and did okay. Time passed and as things stand now I feel rather lost. I want to try competetively in the VG series but the format's doubles, triples, or what? lus even with Smogon filling in entries I don't really understand what a team means anymore in Gen 6. So if anyone could supply me with info I'd be grateful. I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum but I didn't see that Trainers School forum so here it went. If a staff member has a better place for it by all means feel free to move it, thanks :)!

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Edited: Sep 23, 2014   /   Sep 23, 2014    8:35 AM
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RE: What Now?
Typically for competitive battles, as usual they're held in the standard 6 vs 6 Singles OU format. The metagame's changed quite a bit since there's now team preview to eliminate the element of surprise and mega evolutions (which so far it seems like most are getting banned). This generation is filled with more powerful physical attacking Pokemon, so abilities such as Intimidate or Pokemon with moves to lower the opponent's Attack stat such as Will-O-Wisp (burn mechanic) can be a blessing.


When Sticky Web was introduced, there was a lot of speculation about it. But now it seems like only a handful of players including myself actually run the hazard. I would personally recommend using this hazard if your Pokemon want to outspeed things it normally wouldn't.

Defog now has a new mechanic. It removes the entry hazards from both sides of the field now. So those annoying spin-blocking Ghost types can't prevent you from removing hazards on your side of the field anymore. However, if you run hazards yourself, it will remove the hazards you set on your opponent, so choose wisely when you use it.

Stealth Rocks are still a thing.... sort of. I personally don't see it as much as I used to, but still a decent amount. I would recommend running this if you're not fond of Talonflames or Charizard (details below).


[Image: aegislash.gif]

Aegislash is a threat you will encounter depending on where you're playing. If you're playing by traditional smogon tiers, it will be banned and you won't have to worry about it. If you're playing with our tiers for example, Aegislash is completely legal so expect to run into it in many battles. This Pokemon shouldn't be taken lightly as it can abuse both its Attack and Sp.Atk stats amazingly, as well as switch between offensive and defensive forms when necessary.

[Image: talonflame.gif]

Talonflame... Seriously, this thing is probably one of the most broken Pokemon Gamefreak invented in my opinion. It has access to Swords Dance, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, and Roost, and on top of that it gets the Gale Wings ability which increases the priority of Flying moves! Priority Brave Bird isn't fun to take, but unfortunately Talonflame will never get hit with a ban since if you take Gale Wings away, it's not much to deal with. But with Gale Wings it's just too good. Expect to see it in most battles you have.

[Image: mawile-mega.gif]

Mega Mawile is banned on smogon, but again if you're playing with our tiers it's not banned. This Pokemon was actually suspected on our forums, and for a good reason too. Huge Power boost with Swords Dance to increase that boost, STAB Play Rough, STAB Iron Head, and even the priority Sucker Punch is something to be weary of. While it isn't hard to outrun normally, the Sucker Punch is what you have to watch out for. Predict it right and burn it with a Will-O-Wisp so that Sucker Punch doesn't hit you (Sucker Punch only hits if your opponent is going to use a damage dealing move before you). Its usage seems to have dropped, but be careful if you encounter it.

[Image: charizard-megax.gif] [Image: charizard-megay.gif]

Mega Charizard Y and X are a popular option for competitive battling. In singles, you will most likely see Mega Charizard X. Its physical attack is nothing to laugh at and its ability Tough Claws increases the damage dealt by moves that make contact. Typical movesets consist of something like Jolly nature with Outrage, Flare Blitz, Dragon Dance, and Roost. Those are the tools Mega Charizard X needs to wreck teams as needed. Seeing as it's part Fire type, you cannot burn it with Will-O-Wisp, so make sure you pack an Intimidate Pokemon or something that can take a hit and OHKO it with a Super Effective move. Do not let it set up to at most +2, that's when it's usuallly gg.

Mega Charizard Y is the special attacking counterpart to Mega Charizard X. It's not seen as much in Singles OU these days, but it is still a threat to be reckoned with. Its ability summons the sun for 5 turns, and has access to Solarbeam, Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, and Roost. A STAB Fire Blast under the sun 2HKOs a Shuckle. However, you may find this mega form may be easier to deal with than its physical counterpart, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

[Image: greninja.gif]

Greninja is the most popular of the final stage 6th Gen starters, even getting a spot in the new Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U. Its ability Protean changes Greninja's type to the type of the move it's using. This means that every move Greninja uses, it'll change its type and get a STAB boost! It has really good speed and a decent Sp.Atk, often you will find Life Orbs thrown on them to increase the damage it deals. Typical movesets consist of something like Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Extrasensory/Grass Knot/Hidden Power Fire. Pack Pokemon to take what it has or Pokemon that can outspeed and kill it easily.

TPN's conclusion

Well that's just my input for 6th Gen competitive battling. I'm not the greatest teacher around and I suppose there is still a lot more info that should be covered. But you can visit us on our PO server to help hone your skills. We have battlers who would be willing to share their input with you.

Instructions to PO can be found here:

If you need help building a team, I would suggest going to Flaming Flannery's build a team thread, which can be found here:

That's it for now, hope I helped!

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Sep 24, 2014    12:27 AM
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RE: What Now?
I'll throw in a few more things to add to TPN's discussion.

Defog: As mentioned before, defog got a huge buff and now removes hazards from both sides of the field making it much easier to remove hazards. The most common defoggers are probably Latios, Latias, Zapdos, Mandibuzz, and Skarmory with many other less common pokemon carrying it as well. You will also see less rapid spinners around as well because defog is much more reliable. Excadrill is one of the only rapid spinners that gets much use with forretress and starmie being less common.

Speaking of defog, let's get into one important pokemon that you should keep in mind when battling:

[Image: bisharp.gif]

Bisharp has gained massive buffs this gen. He is the only steel to still resist ghost and dark. On top of this, Knock Off got a great power boost giving Bisharp a powerful reliable STAB move coming from base 125 attack. The next, and maybe most important is it's ability, Defiant. Defiant will give Bisharp a +2 in attack whenever a stat drops, which includes the evasion drop from defog. If using defog and the opponent has bisharp, be careful to try not to give it that attack boost. Defiant also protects him from intimidate and Aegislash's King's Shield. He is usually used on highly offensive teams to deter the opponent from defogging their hazards while keeping offensive pressure.

[Image: pinsir-mega.gif]

Another big threat is Mega Pinsir. With high base attack and aerialate, he can do massive damage with return and have strong priority with quick attack. Most run a swords dance set with Swords Dance, Return, Quick Attack, and Earthquake/Close Combat. Not much can safely switch into it's attack. With this monster and talonflame running around, flying resists are almost mandatory to avoid getting swept late game.

[Image: medicham-mega.gif] [Image: gardevoir-mega.gif]

Both Mega Medicham and Mega Gardevoir are very large threats that fit in somewhat similar boats. They both have massive offensive stats that threaten most teams. Their huge offensive stats also make them some of the most potent wallbreakers in the tier. They also have decent speed so they can outspeed many slower pokemon to get a guaranteed large hit on something. You probably won't see these two as much as other threats such as Thundurus and Azumarill since they have more specific uses but they are dangerous nonetheless.

This is nowhere near a complete list of pokemon to be aware of. A couple other common pokesI can think of off the top of my head that you might want to look into are Excadrill, Thundurus, Azumarill, and Mega Venusaur.

[Image: wv94w1.jpg]

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Jun 13, 2015    2:21 PM

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RE: What Now?
I feel silly posting now well after five months since this thread's creation and I confess I'm worried there may be trouble necro-bumping like this so sorry! So first I want to say thanks (a big one as it was beyond overdue) to the both of you for the in depth explanations but I was hoping for details on the revolution caused by ORAS?

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