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cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
Edited: Sep 03, 2014   /   Sep 03, 2014    6:54 PM

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cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
ok so here is my set up

Charizard x
nature - mild
ability -blaze
shadow claw
flare blitz

nature - modest
ability - magnet pull
(still training so moveset isnt complete)

nature - relaxed
ability - sturdy
(still training moveset not complete)

nature - hasty
ability levitate
dream eater
shadow ball
destiny bond

nature - lonely
ability- inner focus
dragon rush

now i cant decide if i should go with my togekiss which i have been using or to train a cloyster to use as my lead pokemon. lemme know what you think! would love to hear your opinions. Im not going for a team that slays all lol just trying to have a good team of some of my favorite pokemon

im thinking of azumaril too. he would probably be a better choice over togekiss since he has less weakness and more immunity. plus being water i would get the fairy/water mix. What would I run with him though as a set up? and what would you suggest i use as my leading pokemon?

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Sep 06, 2014    2:33 AM
DragonLord in training

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RE: cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
what's your learnset for both togekiss and cloyster? and also, because of the natures of your pokemon, you're not getting the most that you can out of them.

currently, your team has a few problems.
first and foremost, you're not giving them the right natures. I'll get in-depth with this, and make some changes.
most battlers, professional and casual, will breed their pokemon until they have perfect natures, IV's and whatnot. I'm going to assume you don't care about IV's, which still brings me to natures.

Charizard @ Charizardite X
Tough Claws

-Dragon Dance
-Flare Blitz
-Roost/Dragon Claw

Charizard would benefit from either a Jolly (-SpA,+spe) nature or an Adamant (-SpA,+Atk) nature, if you'd rather trade speed for strength. I would recommend trading Flamethrower for a different move, like Dragon Dance or Dragon Claw for STAB. Flamethrower doesn't benefit from Charizard X's ability, Tough Claws, which increases the damage of physical attacks.because of Tough Claws, that Flare Blitz is Charizard's deadliest move... but I would recommend changing out Shadow Claw for Roost. there's gotta be another pokemon on your team with either a psychic or ghost type move to give you coverage.

Magnzone@Zap Plate
Modest nature
Magnet Pull
-Volt Switch
-Flash Canon
-HP Fire

give Magneton a beneficial nature for Special attacks, such as Modest (+SpA, -Atk) or Timid (+spe,-Atk) and evolve it to magnezone. I don't mind helping you trade, although there are plenty of other people that would be willing to.
HP fire will help you kill steel types held into battle by Magnet Pull, Volt switch is a must have, whereas Thunderbolt is a main STAB move.

Aggron@Assault Vest
Impish (+def,-spe)
Rock Head
252HP,126Def,126Atk or 252hp/252Atk
-Head Smash
-Heavy Slam
-Stone Edge/Aqua Tail(if you have access to a previous gen)

Relaxed (+Def,-spe) nature wouldn't be bad for Aggron, if it could learn Gyro ball. but it can't, unfortunately, so most people choose an impish (+def,-SpA) nature instead, because Aggron has killer defense and a low special Attack. changing to Rock Head enables it to take no damage from recoil, and dish out the devastating power of Head Smash, which has a base power of 150, and gets a STAB bonus. if you have another pokemon who can bring in Sandstorm, Aggron gets a little spD bonus because of its typing, added onto by Assault Vest.

make Gengar a Special Attacker, most people set it up as a sweeper with a Timid nature.

Nature: Timid (-Atk,+spe)
-Shadow Ball
-Sludge Bomb
-Focus Blast

this gengar is offensive. if you don't want Shadow Ball, you could swap it out for Psychic and lose its STAB, but affect fighting types you decide to switch into. Focus Blast kills anything that doesn't resist it, seriously hurting dark types like Tyranitar, and anything dark type that could threaten it. Thunderbolt takes care of water types, but you could swap it for something else. personally speaking, I'd probably end up swapping it for dazzling gleam, because magnezone covers that niche, but that's not a smart move for a lot of reasons.

Dragonite... where do I begin with Dragonite? frankly speaking, it's one of my favorite pokemon, despite it being my least favorite dragon type, but it can pack a punch. unfortunately, i'm working on a setup for my own Dragonite, but here are two that I think you might be able to find some use from:

First Dragonite
Timid (+spe,-Atk)
Marvel Scale
252SpA, 252Spe, 4Hp

-Fire Blast
-Thunderbolt/Draco Meteor

You could probably substitute any of the above for Roost, but this is my current timid Dragonite that I play Casual with.
Hurricane is not a good move to use, because of its 50% accuracy. I have similar problems with Dragon Rush. Draco Meteor can be subbed for Thunderbolt, because so far on your team, there are three pokemon that can use that move well. Draco Meteor is Dragonite's strongest move, despite the fact that it takes away your punch. but if you need to use it in a pinch, well... it's not bad, now is it?

here's my second dragonite.

Second Dragonite:
Adamant/Jolly Nature
Marvel Scale
252Spe, 252Atk, 4hp

-Dragon Dance
-Earthquake/Dragon Claw
-Ice Punch

as you can see right off the bat, this dragonite is a speed demon. with a high base speed, it really benefits from a Jolly nature, although combined with Extremespeed... that might be kind of unnecessary, since Extremespeed will almost always hit first. I have an Adamant nature, to give it a physical boost, but Jolly still doesn't hurt.
my dragonite is on a team that gets a lot of mojo from typhlosion, and a tyranitar with EQ in doubles.
it depends on what the rest of the team is, but I'd honestly rather go with the physical dragonite, since you have a lot of special attackers already.

and lastly...

get that Azumaril on the team. this setup might work:

Azumaril@Assault vest
Adamant nature
Huge Power

-Play Rough
-Aqua Jet

Looking at Azumaril, the first thing you see is its HP. augment that as much as you can, and give it bonuses wherever. Aqua Jet lets it chip away at an opponent, and Play Rough is a huge addition to its arsenal, making you dangerous to dragons.

sorry, i would have gone a little more in-depth to this, but I think that there's a lot more to teach you than what i just put out there. the team I gave you is a good starting point, but if someone like Flannery comes in and lets you know how it's going, take advice from him instead of me.
I also can give you a speed dratini if you can't get one through some other means, just send me a PM and we can talk about it.

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Sep 06, 2014    4:39 AM

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RE: cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
Im sure if you use Roost then an Earthquake can hit the Pokemon?

To be the BEST you got to BEAT the best!

2380-4020-9884 Pokemon X - IGN = ASH

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Nov 19, 2014    8:54 AM

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RE: cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
I'd choose cloyster his moveset has always been a bit dodgy on the receiving side mainly with spikes and defense boost abilities

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Mar 30, 2015    10:23 AM

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RE: cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
I think you should use togekiss because it is a better overall pokemon. You could do with changing some of the natures of your team as well. Your team ain't bad though

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Apr 29, 2015    9:20 AM

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RE: cant decide between togekiss and cloyster
I would go with togekiss personally. Just make sure it has good Ivs and EV train it well. :)

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