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6G Battle The [Gen 6] Top 5 Pokemon Clans Of PokemonGTS
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The [Gen 6] Top 5 Pokemon Clans Of PokemonGTS
Let me remind you all that there is no official judgment in terms of what clan is the best. Which is why some people don't approve of many user created organizations. They are not entirely thought out and not moderated enough.

This thread will break the mold. It will be heavily moderated. Spam and or irrelevant posts will not be tolerated. However, this doesn't mean I will give you guys a really hard time or be really strict. I am very tolerant and I will give you guys some leeway.

This user created organization is meant to be fun, as long as everyone takes it with maturity.

Remember, keep the posts on this thread to setting up war dates and posting results to wars and anything that is closely related to the war such as activity posts. If I find too many irrelevant posts, action will be taken.

And now, without further ado...

These are the current Top 5 Clans of PokemonGTS

1. -vacant-
2. -vacant-
3. -vacant-
4. -vacant-
5. -vacant-

They will be chosen after the first war that starts on February,3,2014.

In regards to challenging these clans:

-You may only challenge the clan that is directly above you in the rankings, and if you are not on the list, your clan has to start by challenging number 5 and working your way up if you wish.

-When posting your lineup, your clan can have two substitute players.

-All clan challenges must be battled in standard Clan War Rules (see below).

-You must post challenges here, but also send the clan leader a PM or a VM.

-No matter how well known your members are, always supply the battle method information (Wi-Fi and/or PO/PS) on your roster post. Please remember that this thread is about versatility, so don't just pack your clans with one of either if you wish to succeed. (Refer to Posting a Line Up below)

-Clan hopping is not allowed. This means you can't leave your clan and join another that is about to war just so you can take part in it. You must remain loyal to your clan. You can not be in 2 clans that are in the top 5 and you can not be in a clan that is challenging the number 5 spot.

-If you take part in a clan war you are obliged to engage in a hack check.

-When declaring a victory over an opponent just state whether you won or lost. Don't go out of your way to say "I won 6-0" or "I lost to hax". That is completely unnecessary.

-Clans are allowed a resting period after every war. During this time they can deny all challenges for their spot for 1 week.

-After having dropped a position on the list, clans must defend it at least once before they can challenge up again. The only exception to this rule is if the clan below yours does not wish to challenge you. That is the only time you may challenge up without defending your spot first. However, the clan above yours has the priority to challenge the one above them before they accept yours.

-If the clan below cannot challenge up (say they're beginning a war) then you can challenge up.

-If your clan is waiting to challenge up, and there's a war going on above you, you must accept the challenge below you after your two week resting period to defend your new spot.

Clan War Standard Rules

-Smogon tiers will be used.

-Once a war begins, the tiers will be locked.

-Only 5 members from each clan may participate in a Clan War, with substitutes.

-The selected battlers for each clan roster must be a registered user on this site.

-To be in the war, each member must meet these requirements: The member must have at least 50 posts, and be a registered user who has been active for at least 3 months.

-Changes to your war roster are final after the battle lineups have been made and there has been at least one battle for the war, unless under extreme circumstances.

-The only time you may sub out a member is if they are unable to battle or are not active during the time of the war. Honesty is appreciated.

-Under no circumstances can you recruit a new member and replace an active member of your roster in the middle of a war, unless in extreme circumstances.

-One man clans are not permitted to challenge the list. Do not make duplicate accounts to try to make it look like you have enough members for a war, you will be caught and dealt with.

-If players can not come to an agreement regarding match-ups in relation to PO/PS or Wifi, PO/PS takes priority. The only exception to this is extremely extenuating circumstances, such as someone limited to using Wifi due to computer issues. Honesty is appreciated, and subs are preferred over forcing Wifi.

-Last, but certainly not least: If any of your members are caught using hacked/sav'd Pokemon (with illegal stats) during a clan war battle, they will be disqualified and their opponent will be given the victory over them. Depending on the severity of the situation, the entire clan may be disqualified, have their position on the list be put into question, or be blacklisted on this site. Each member at fault will be dealt with accordingly.

Posting a Line Up should appear like this:

Team Name

Battler 1 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battler 2 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battler 3 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battler 4 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battler 5 (Wifi/PO/PS)

Subs: (Optional)
Battler 1 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battler 2 (Wifi/PO/PS)
Battle format should appear like this:

(from each clan respectively)

Team Name (0) vs Team Name (0)

Battler 1 vs Battler 1

Battler 2 vs Battler 2

Battler 3 vs Battler 3

Battler 4 vs Battler 4

Battler 5 vs Battler 5
After you have conducted a battle, please list the latest results. The winner of the clan war will be the clan that defeated 3 of the other members. For example,

Team Name (2) vs Team Name (3)

Battler 1 vs Battler 1

Battler 2 vs Battler 2

Battler 3 vs Battler 3

Battler 4 vs Battler 4

Battler 5 vs Battler 5
In this situation, since the second clan earned 3 out of 5 wins, they would be the winner of the Clan War

If for some reason there is a tie, one member from each clan will face off for the win.

Good luck to all of you, and have fun.

***If you have any other questions/issues/concerns which include but not limited to: wars being made, updates on current wars, members misbehaving, etc that can or cannot be posted on this thread then please don't hesitate to send me a PM.

**Also my clan Army Of Few is recruiting you can pm me for recruitment. Hence "Army Of Few" so please dont slam me with request iam only bringing in about 10 members. Can't wait to hear from you guys ! Omg

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RE: The [Gen 6] Top 5 Pokemon Clans Of PokemonGTS
Just saw this, wished I seen it sooner! Sign me up!

Clan Name: ShadowBane
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