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Need a really nice Sig. Will +rep
Nov 22, 2013    4:23 PM

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Need a really nice Sig. Will +rep
Hey today I have a request for a sig, cause I still have my old 5th gen one. For the making of this sig, i am willing to wait any duration of time for it to be created.

Basically what i want for this sig is in the code below.

Background: Dark Green and a faded black black look, with triangles
Picture Images: I want a Mega Kanga, a Malamar, and Talonflame
Words on pic: Have my Pokemon X FC
Sig overall: Basically im looking for it to have a triangle sort of look, like a side by side triangle's connected, with Talonflame in the middle, Mega Kanga on the left, and Malamar on the right. Also i would like to have sort of a green smokey look in it.

I hope this is not to hard to make, and I thank anybody who is willing to make this for me. ^.^

Farewell and good luck!

[Image: i1wm.png]
Awesome Sig made by SkS! ^.^

(04:52:06) Pold: chirp
(04:52:24) Darside: .... MEOWOOF ( D*:< ) >
(04:52:47) Pold: ummmm

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