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Building Aggron Deck
Edited: Dec 16, 2012   /   Dec 16, 2012    9:36 PM

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Building Aggron Deck
Ok SOooo my friends and gf are all really starting to pick up the pokemon card game again and I never really put a deck together like... ever. But now I'd really like to join in the fun. Whats more is I'd really like to put together a deck that circled around my favorite pokemon: Aggron. I found a pretty popular Sableye/Aggron Milling build but milling decks for any card game never were my thing.

So far I have this
Aggron (Rising Rivals) x2
Aggron (EX Ruby & Sapphire) x1

And a bunch of the pre-evolutions for Aggron plenty of Metal Energy and 2x Colorless and Heavy Ball cards.

I figure I should run with at least 3-4 Heavy Ball to fish out Aggron but I dont know what other pokemon to use for support. A buddy recomended a water pokemon that used mostly if not solely Colorless to attack to offset Aggron's fire weakness. Other then that I don't have much to work with.

So I'm looking for a direction to go really. Any advise? What should I get? Any recommendations?

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Apr 08, 2013    1:14 PM

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RE: Building Aggron Deck
Ah, I think I could help here.

See if you could get your hands on a couple HS Triumphant Aggron. If you can set this up with 4 special metal energy, then your opponent winds up having a very tricky time. It has the move Guard Claw, which does 60 damage, and then means that 20 damage is taken off of the opponents next attack. If you can suit it up with 4 special metal energies, then you're doing 60 damage, and then preventing 60 damage to yourself the next turn. You've then also got Second Strike, which does a solid 40 damage, 80 if the opponent has any damage counters on it.

I ran this in a deck with Zoroark from the Black White set, which uses the attack Nasty Plot to get any card from your deck you wish each turn. I then also had plenty of Pokemon Communication and various types of pokeball on hand (as you said, Heavy Ball is excellent for Aggron), enabling me to get out Zoroark and then build on Aggron extremely quickly, as chances are your opponent will be hiding behind their starting pokemon as they build up whatever is on their bench.

However, I would just like to mention the fact that you couldn't play this deck at any national events or anything, for casual play it would be fine, but for championships or whatever would be illegal. The format is Black White and onwards now, and I'm pretty sure the only new Aggron is pretty bad, if my memory serves.

Good luck anyways,


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