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PP Max and Rare Candies in 5th Gen - Triforceelf - May 08, 2011 12:29 PM

Always wanted to have your team with max PP? Ever wanted enough rare candies to check your pokemons IVs or just level them fast? It's actually VERY easy in 5th gen, no battle subway or cheat devices required!

1. Nimbassa City: Your ticket to every item ever

No, this isn't the battle subway. The sports stadium is where it's at, both of them have trainers you can battle with level 60-70 pokemon! Its good for leveling, but you also get items from some of the trainers after you defeat them.

Veteran M/F Trainers: PP Max
Ace Trainer M/F: PP Up
Day Care Worker: Rare Candy

You can also get big pearls, max revives, and other random items of dubious value. However, the trainers you get are random, so that limits it to one or two good items a week right? WRONG! Save BEFORE you enter the stadium (The building, not just the teleporter) and go inside to check the trainers. You CAN get a Veteran and Ace trainer at the same time, but it takes a while. I have NEVER gotten both Veterans (Male and female) or Ace Trainers together, but that doesn't mean its impossible. Reset until the desired trainer appears! Make sure to check both the big and little stadium. Note that the stadium will not reset until you beat ALL the trainers, even if a day passes.

2. Item Traders in Anvill Town

Go to Anvill town on the weekends to trade your star shards for PP ups! You can get these from beaches in Undella town, from wild Starmie, or from Black City if you have the right trainer for a VERY hefty price of 48000 from the shop.

3: The battle subway (With out spending those precious BP)

Yes, this final method does involve the battle subway. There are two ways to get free rare candies or PP Ups from the battle subway. The first is to finish a streak of at least 21 in any battle line. After you leave, a person will give you some random items. I've gotten everything from HP to Rare Candies, so its definity worth it to talk to them. The other is good ole anville town. One of the houses has a conductor that will give you some lost items. The items seem to be random, you can get elixers, max revives or the real goodies, rare candies. He will only give you a gift after you battle on the subway, I don't know how many wins are required but make sure you check after each streak, he seems to only hold one set of items at a time.

RE: PP Max and Rare Candies in 5th Gen - TexanAshes - Feb 10, 2013 12:58 PM

Will these work in B2 as well?

RE: PP Max and Rare Candies in 5th Gen - X-it - Feb 10, 2013 1:14 PM

(Feb 10, 2013 12:58 PM)TexanAshes wrote:

Will these work in B2 as well?

yes these work in White 2 and Black 2

RE: PP Max and Rare Candies in 5th Gen - mmigler - Feb 10, 2013 6:35 PM

I've gotten so many PP maxes and PP ups from doing the same thing, it always feels awesome when you walk into the stadium and see a veteran or ace trainer. :) Also the athlete trainers give out lots of money in case you want to earn a lot fairly quickly.