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Battle tower rules - Azuremaster - Apr 11, 2008 5:57 PM

For the battle tower: Our Rules are simple. Just say when the tourny starts and when it ends then post it or tell one of us in Strife ops to close it. That way we avoid the annoying bumping of an old tourny. It must say when it starts or at least an estimated date. Or else it will be closed. I only say this so the tourny will be organized and that it starts and not take up space.

Also all tourny threads should be in this format:



Date to start:

You don't need those titles but I do want to see that it is distinguishable and I can tell all those things apart. Or else it will be closed.

Rules are effective immediately!

Any questions or concerns?

EDIT/NOTE: When I say to pm us about a concern for your thread and about closing it and such. Please just pm us once. Do not send us 12 PMs asking the same thing over and over again!