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[COMPLETED] PokeDome II Clash - oathkeeperoblivion - Jun 07, 2015 10:13 AM

Hello everyone! For those that don't know me, my name is oathkeeperoblivion and I am holding an 8 man tournament for the title of PokeDome II champion! As for a few quick bits of info; here they are....
  • All battles are single format.
  • It will be double elimination.
  • All pokemon and moves are allowed except for Fairies and Fairy moves.
  • Any held item you have is allowed, even Soul Dew.

Home Turf: Each person signing up must give their name and headquarters which must be one city in any generation of the pokemon games like for example from Kanto (Pallet Town, Lavender Town). It can be any town you want it to be but must be included in any of the Pokemon games from Gens I-VI. The hosting town will be determined by a coin flip by me each time there is a battle. For this, I would highly recommend having Pokemon Online or Skype (I am gaming_otaku_soldier41 on there) for real time chat.

And with that, who amongst you skilled trainers will step up to the plate for the title of PokeDome II champion? To all of you I wish the best of luck and remember; the tournament will only start once 8 people have joined. Rest assured, when this thing takes off I will create bigger tournaments. Now go forth, and bring me nothing but your best! And also do not forget to post your FC when registering.