Meaningless Posts
Make sure your post contributes to a thread & continues to inspire discussion. Examples of meaningless posts are (But not limited to):
"That's cool"

This is a Pokémon forum, so finding topics on your favorite Pokémon, & discussion on the games or anime is extremely easy.

Posting & Post Counts
This guide will help new users choose where to post without spamming.
Our forum has a requirement of 3 posts per an account to prevent spam bots from sending PMs & posting links. Obtaining 3 posts is very easy, simply choose forum sections that will grab your post counts.

You require 3 post counts for:
- Private Messaging
- Accessing Trade Areas
- Posting Links
- Signature Use

Image Example:

In this image, you will notice that where it's pointed out in Red, posts will not count. Everywhere in Green has no warning that the posts would not count, meaning that it should. And as you noticed, all the Poke sections do count, so start off by joining a few discussions; share your input on X/Y or anything else related to Pokemon and you will get your 3 posts in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions
But why do I get the 3-post limit message while I'm trying to post?
How can I get any posts when it won't let me post?

This would be because of the 3-post count restrictions. Certain sections & features such as PokeTrade and all of the Global Trade Station sections only unlock after you made 3 posts in other sections.

So what do I do? Where do I post?
As pointed out in the image above, use one of the sections highlighted there. The best one would be Poke-Chat, here's a direct link:

Warning: Users spamming up to 3 posts will receive a spamming infraction and the post count will be reset to zero.

If you need further assistance please post a new thread here, under our "GTS Support" section: GTS Support
And here's a direct link to our Poké-Chat section where you can jump into current Pokémon Discussion: Poké-Chat



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