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Name Status Banner Owner
4 Seasons Trading Center Open Chocorama
4th Violet's Great Bazaar Closed vetandavimana
A Miserable Orphanage Down The Lane Open Nomnom
A Pokemon Filled World Open xboxlover2
After Dark Closed AbZero
All Kinds Open Alli923
All Starters Open kingbishman
Ash's Totally Not a Puppy Mill Poke Breeders Open OSCIM
B4N's Shiny Shop & Trade Open Bowling4Nin10doh
Baby Pokemn Bonanza Open TheBlackReshiram
Baz's Rad Shop Open baz_
Bone's Custom Breeding Open NyniaHammer
Bowtie's Poke' Shop Closed bowtiebulbasaur
Brandon's Shop Open ComputerFromHeaven
Breed-And-Go Open blum3w
Breeding Center Open legofan117
C-Demo's Pokemon Creation Shop Open C-Demo
Castelia City Pokeshop Open Lord Cyrus
Chibiterasu's Hacked Pokemon and Cloning Shop Open trncjn
Collector's Cove Open RinAmorette
Cutie Pie's Adoption Agency Open Tatiana Valkova
D&D's IV Shop Open Damion XY
dark lord Open ALDERON
Dr.Josh's Pokemon Clinic Open Dr.Josh
Duke Needles Shop Closed Needles
Farore's Twisted Legend Open Farore
Friends From Above Closed FlameTheDragon
Furball's Trading Emporium! Open arnesen1995
G&Js Hatchery Open xGhost
Garchomps Gathering Open lisaokane
Gear Grinder's Pokemon Shop Open GearGrinder
Gemstone's Pokemon Factory Open championgemstone
Gemstone's Shinies Open ShinyCresselia
Girl on the Bull Open Symphony233
HAIL'S Pokeshop Open mudmask
Heartless Pokémon Hunter Lab Open Darkgamer066
Hoss's Ranch Open andy_warhol2
Jigglypuff's rare eggs Open rektar
Kaze Battle Shop! Closed kazekidd
Kongu2525's Pokemon catalogue Open kongu2525
LadyKai's Awesome Breeding Closed ladykai
Legendary Hacks Open e72882
Lil Buggers Adoption and Breeding Centre Open markimark420
Lions Den Open Osasenaga
Marowak's Adoption Agency Open Rymaru
Minori's Pokemon Center Open Minori
Modestly Modest Shop Open jessluvstolaugh
Netherlands in darkness Open JustDutch101
NIPPON EVENTS Closed pranksterbr
Past Delights Shoppe Open Jojo-
Pikasquad Shop Open Piplup992z
Pocket Plaza Open BunnyWarlord
Pocket Shop Open DarkEvolution
Poke's & more Open SpikeVanHellsing
PokeBallz - Master Trainer / Breeder/ Cloning Services Open Rhennia
Pokeget 2 Open chingling
pokemon platinum hax shop Closed TrainerX
Ponyta Breeding Centre Open budgell15
Prima's Local Pokemon Shop Open Primasslayer48
Queen-Zekrom2345's Daycare Breed Open Queen-Zekrom2345
Rainbow Squirtle Shop Open flipples311
Rarities and Purebreds Open hound829
Red's Little Shop of Events (Now Open) Open RedFalcon94
Sanny's Shop of Wonders Open sanriko
SavageShop Open BlackEspeon
Schala's Events, Breedables, Shiny Pokemon, and More. Open Schala
Serperior Breeding Open WaterMonarch
Shinies Open Bubbaf9
Shining Stars Open PokemonSL
Shiny den Open PokeStanly
Shiny Shop Closed ShinyHunter45
Shinyhunter7's breeding and adoption center Open shinyhunter7
ShopXV Open joexv
Speedy's Hacked PokéShop Open SpeedyFireCyclone
Star's Shining Sample's Open SacredSwordsmen
Start Here! Open LesPaulObsession
Starter Scrabble! Shoppe Closed KAnaliseY
Straight From the Day-Care Closed EVs and IVsaurs
Sylver's battling and breeding Cave Open SylverDragon
The Starting Line Open Kae Askavi
The Trading Post Open kylechu1
The Vivax Forest Shop Closed Gamergal101
Toon's Fox and Hound Giveaway Closed Dark Toon Wolf
Try know what shop is Open Akira2012
um.. didn't know Closed Violetwriter
Unbe's Poke-Goods Open unbecomingname
USS Eggterprise Open FortMasterBoyard
Victory Road (Pokemon Shop and Cloning Service) Open XP105
Wrath's Lil Shop o' Horrors Open Wrath
X and Y starters Open KenexTheFennekin
Yawning Cat and Night Owl Shop Closed Dokoro
Yuri and Rory's Pokemon Market Open Divine Justice
Zero's lil Shop of Pokes Open ZeroInfection
[Poke]balls So Hard Closed sunshineinabag
~Snivy and Friends~ Open RinMarceline



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