Server Rules

1. No Offensive Language.
2. No Flaming/Instigating.
3. No Advertising Websites.
4. English Language Only.
5. No Chat Flooding.
6. No Excessive Name Changes.
7. Cuss Filter in Effect, attempts to get around it will result in kick/ban.
8. No idling if you've entered into a Tournament.

If you need to contact Avia or the staff, please use the contact form here: Contact Form

Web Pokemon Online

For quick & mobile friendly access, try our Web PO:

Please note that the Web PO uses a Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), and requires maintaining attention to the page to avoid disconnections.

Pokemon Online Download

PO Version 2.7.1
Windows EXE Download - Windows Zip Download
Mac Version
Android Version

PO Version 2.6.2
Windows EXE Download - Windows Zip Download
Mac Version
Android Version
Linux Version

Server Information

If's Server Listing does not appear, input the following information on Advanced Connection:
And click Advanced Connection.

Step 1
Unlike other PO Servers, GTS is unique in the way we handle the registrations. Our PO accounts are linked to the GTS site accounts.

In order to create any PO usernames, you must use the UPanel located here:
You may create up to 5 usernames if you have 100 posts or more, otherwise you are limited to 1.

Step 2
After first launching Pokemon Online, select "Teambuilder" like so:

Step 3
At this part, you may create your battling team(s) but note it's not needed if you only want to enter our server first. Type in the username you created from our UPanel, select a color, select a Trainer image, and click "Save Profile" as marked below:

Step 4
Click "Close" after you're done Step 3, then select "Go Online" as marked below:

Step 5
Look for "" on the listing, if it can't be found, type:, into "Advanced Connection" as shown below, and click "Advanced Connection":

Step 6
And there we go, you should be in the PO Server!

If you need assistance on team building, you may seek help in our server or on our Team Analysis forum.
If you require any technical support with the Pokemon Online software itself, please use our GTS Support forum.



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