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This guide is to simply demonstrate how to navigate on our site,

Top Navigations Bar
Navigating is fairly simple, first, we have our top Navigations Bar on the site. If you highlight over certain sections such as "Forums", you would get a drop down list of options.

You will find several of our site features by using this navigation method, continue to explore all the options.

Forum Tabs Navigation
Next, is our Forums Navigation. We use a tabbing system:

If you are trying to reach a certain section, such as the "Global Trade Station", click on the tab "Wi-Fi Interactions", then click on the forum names as the arrow indicates or any of the subsections such as "Legitimate Trades", "Hacked Trades", and "Collaborative Trades".
These subforums are housed under the main Category Forum, "Global Trade Station", so if you enter that section first, you will find a forum description for each Trade section.

The rest of the forum works exactly the same way, some forums contains subforums, and some do not. Please continue to explore, and if you need further assistance please post a new thread here, under our "GTS Support" section:

And finally, once you have entered the chosen section you want to be in, you may enter threads by clicking on the thread title or the "New Thread" button as indicated in this example, to read or create your own threads:

Each thread will display a "New Reply" button for making a reply to anyone that has posted.



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