All Trading Rules & Policies
The number one rule to all trading is, no scamming. Users scamming will be dealt with harshly, no exceptions.

Shop Owners have two choices when it comes to setting up a shop; they can create it in the PokeTrade system: or via the Trading Post:
Each carries it own set of regulations. With PokeTrade Shops, owners must post their entire trading inventory within the PokeTrade system, and not in the discussion threads.

With the Trading Post, owners are limited to 3 posts in total in the thread, the original post and 2 additional "reserved" posts. If collaborated shops occur in the Trading Post, the reserved post limit is max 3 (including the original thread post) or 1 per shop owner. So this does mean if there's 5 people, the shop can have up to 5 owner posts (including the original, 1 per each owner).

Bumping is allowed but it must be limited to a 24 hour period, and the post must contribute. The bump must include some form of update information; Out of Stock on certain Pokemon, new Pokemon added, response to member questions, etc. It cannot be repeatedly asking for interesting, for simply just "Bump". It must contribute, that's the prime definition that separates a meaningful post and spam.



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