Event Participations
PokemonGTS.com Events commonly occur during video game releases with the games being the actual prizes. The amount of prizes may vary up until the game release. The amount of prizes is solely up to the Administration as the cost comes out of our own pockets. It will vary in each event, and may change without warning.

We reserve full rights in declining members from participating due to (but not limited to) the following reasons:
- Behavior issues on the board, PO Server, or with staff.
- Unable to comply with content/event procedure & or protocols.
- Suspicion of cheating.
- Unsportsmanlike conduct with members.

Top 25 ranked members are required to submit a set of photos in case they are declared the winner so the images can be used immediately to display them as such. Inability to submit these photos under the requested conditions will result in disqualification in the on-going event.

Declared winners are required to submit a second photo or set of photos that has the winners holding the prizes. These photo must be of good quality & submitted within 24 hours of receiving the prize. Failing to comply with this can & will result in the termination of the user's GTS Membership. Staff winners are not exempt. If you can spare a minute to open the prize, then you can spare a minute to take the photo.

Members that are 17 and below will require parental or guardian permission to participate in the events, and we will require the parents/guardian to sign a form to claim the prize(s). Members 18 and older will not require parental or guardian permission unless required by law.

PokemonGTS.com is not liable for any prizes lost in shipping or prizes not functioning the way they were intended to function.

And lastly, physical prizes such as games may not be guaranteed in every event. Smaller-scaled events will give away website titles/badges instead.



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