Thread Bumping & Necroposting
While bumping is allowed, users are expected to use it within' a sensible limit. Once every 24 hours is best. Your thread does not need to be on page one 24/7. Users do search and toggle between the first 2 or 3 pages of a forum.
A bump should also contribute to the thread - an absolute meaningless post such as "Bump" is considered spam.

Necroposting is allowed under either of 2 conditions.
[1] The thread's last post is not older than 6 months. If it's not, then you can make even the simplest replies such as thanking a post or continue any off-topic chat if allowed by that section.
[2] Your post will contribute to the original topic the thread was intended for. Even if the thread comes from 2007, you may inquire about cheat codes that may or may not work, add your opinion, etc. As long as it's contributing and has meaning.



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