Leader Responsilities
Leaders are responsible for:
- Ensuring the team is active.
- Registering for Quarter Tournaments when held.
- Reporting updates to GTS League Coordinators.
- Ensuring new recruits are updating their Free Agency threads.
- And anything else that may be required for the benefit of the team.

GTS League Coordinators reserve the right to dismiss and replace a Leader if they are not fulfilling duties & or directing the team on the correct path.

Punishments for abandoning duties or causing the team to become inactive may include 1 or more of the following:
- Blacklist from all leagues.
- Infraction that sticks to the account for 1 year. This would keep your infaction level near 90% for majority of the year.
- Permanent ban.

Please note, an agent cannot be recruited into a team until they have made a thread, and it is officially 24 hours old. Any agent attempting to join a team before they do this can be disqualified and punishment by infraction. The same punishment can be dealt to the Leader, including team forfeits if the agent is used.



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