4. Trading Conditions
For the safety & ease of the GTS Members, all trades must be done:
- Through Friend Codes. Local meetings or finding missions through Nintendo's Online GTS system will not be acceptable.
- Through PokeTrade or Trading Post for tracking. Members cannot remove their post content then close the thread. Anyone caught doing this may lose complete access to the Trading features.
- With respect to everyone. Scamming will definitely not be tolerated, respond to PMs when you read them so you don't appear suspicious. We have a tracking system for PMs which allows members to check if you read the PMs.

During scam investigations, both parties must transfer the involved Pokemon to a staff member to hold until the investigation is over. Any member refusing or fail to provide the correct Pokemon will be declared a scammer & added to our GTS Blacklist.

Report anyone violating these terms or scamming directly to our staff here: Contact Us



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