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We're thrilled to have you join us. Our rules & policy information can be found here. If there's anything you're unsure if, you'll be able to ask us anywhere including in your introduction post. Connect with us & let's get playing!

Please review our rules & policies fully here: Full Rules, FAQ, & Policies

While we don't expect you to read it 100%, please have a quick glance and don't hesitate to ask us on clarification any time. For support with GTS & your account, please open a thread here after registration: GTS Support

Now let's begin your new adventure!

By continuing with the registration process, you hereby agree to comply with all the above rules & policies, including everything on our Rules, FAQ & Policies page and anything that will ever be asked or instructed to you by the Administration.

Invalid E-Mail Services

Some E-Mail services such as Yahoo & Comcast are rejecting E-Mails from our server. Therefore, we have banned these E-Mail services to prevent complications with GTS features such as Password Recovery.

Other services such as AOL which have been heavily abused by spam-bots are also banned. Temporary/Disposable E-Mail services such as (but not limited to) isn't allowed as well due to spam abuse, and preventing users from Password Recovery by E-Mails in the future.

We reserve full rights to refuse new account registrations or terminate current memberships for the use of any Temporary/Disposable E-Mail services.



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